Summer Fun List

Inspired by many blogs I found, I created a Liam and Mommy Summer Fun List so that we can have as much fun as we can and take advantage of this great city we have.

The links lead to more information about each one.


Go to a water park

Visit the zoo


Spend the whole day at the beach

Go on a boat ride

Spend the whole day at the arboretum

Visit Door County

Have a picnic

Go to Concerts on the Square

Go to Summer Concert Series at Olbrich Gardens

Go to a baseball game

See a movie

Visit Shedd Aquarium and follow customized Toddler Map 

Get ice cream from the ice cream truck

Eat popsicles on the front porch

Dig for worms

Go to a national park

Go to many farmer’s markets (Capital Square or East Side Farmer’s Market)

Go to the library weekly or biweekly (do reading program)

Go to Bouncy Town

Go to Chuck E Cheese

Visit Cave of the Mounds

Strawberry Picking! 

Water Balloon Fight

Running in the Sprinkler

Have Liam set the table for dinner

Have a puzzle made from a picture

Go to paint your own pottery studio

Learn to ride tricycle

Make smores

Catch fireflies

Visit Chicago

Watch Fireworks at Monona

Go to carnival

La Fete De Marquette

Rent a canoe

Ride carousels

Stay up late and watch the stars come out

Run through a field of wildflowers and pick them

Color scavenger hunt

Paint rocks for garden

Make popsicles

Fly kites

Make a huge fort!

Experiment with different things to make bubbles

Make Lemonade

Walk/Play/Jump in the rain

Learn how to hike, do at least one mile hike

Do some very minor “rock climbing”

Go to the pool as often as we can

Watch a sunrise

Watch a sunset

Make sight words for the house

Make mud pies in the backyard

Go to Union Terrace

This will be amazing.

What about you?  Does your family make a summer list?  What is on yours?