Do you know about Pinterest? It’s basically an online bulletin board with unlimited space and unlimited “pins” – a fantastic way to bookmark your favorite sites – and I LOVE it!! (and am ever so slightly addicted to it.) I think it’s something every parent should check out!

I only joined a few weeks ago, but have already found so many great activities and craft ideas for Milena. Cornstarch driveway paint has become a weekly “must” at our house:

I can’t wait for fall to arrive so I can make this labyrinth out of leaves:

I’m excited to have Milena make this hand print Christmas tree to hang in our home:

And these “kissing hands” are such a great way to remember your kiddos’ first day of school each year!

I’ve also found quite a few great ideas for myself and our home as well.

You need an invite to join Pinterest. I have a few, and will gladly e-mail them to the first few people who comment (please include your e-mail address). And I’m sure other RM mamas and readers will help out the rest of you!

And once you join, you can follow my boards here.


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