Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Aquatic Center

Last summer, I reviewed the Goodman Pool on Olin Street.  Well, not everyone knows it, but there’s ANOTHER Goodman Pool in the greater Madison area.  It’s the Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Aquatic Center, at the Jewish Community Campus in Verona.  Since my family just moved to Fitchburg, we thought we’d take a trip to our neighboring town to see what the Goodman Aquatic Center had to offer.

The pool at the Goodman Aquatic Center is a 5,500 square foot outdoor pool with a lap-swimming area and a zero-depth entry with fountains for younger kids.  The pool is solar heated and uses a salt-water generator to produce natural chlorination rather than liquid chlorine.  There are spacious locker rooms and a snack bar that offers drinks, frozen treats, and a small selection of bagged and hot snacks.

My daughter Dahlia seemed a little underwhelmed by the splash offerings compared to the variety of sprinklers at the Goodman Pool on Olin, but she did play in the fountains for a bit.  Mainly, though, she seemed to enjoy the slightly less crowded atmosphere and scampered around throughout the shallow end with delight.  It’s amazing how few bells and whistles you really need to keep a two year old entertained in a pool.

Her other favorite part of the Community Campus was the Noah’s Ark play area.  There are statues of animals cueing up two-by-two to file onto a large wooden boat.  The boat has lots of climbing areas and some slides.  It’s a great distraction for when the whistle blows and the lifeguards enforce a 15-minute adults-only swim.  (Being nine months pregnant, I took full advantage of said adults-only floating time while my husband chased Dahlia around Noah’s Ark.)  I found the Aquatic Center to be much less hectic than the Goodman Pool on Olin, and given that the hours on weekdays are much more suited to those of us whose kids still take an afternoon nap, I think we’ll be returning for another jaunt before the summer ends.

The Goodman Aquatic Center is located at 7762 County Highway PD in Verona.  It is open until September 5th from 11 am to 8 pm, with the exception of September 1st and 2nd, when it will be closed.  Admission for adults 16 and over is $5, children are $4, and infants under 1 are free.


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