Iron Cupcake Madison Challenge

Nancy Sorensen contacted Raising Madison earlier this week asking if we’d write a post about the Iron Cupcake Madison Challenge happening this Sunday, June 26. The theme is Children’s Literature, and profits will go to benefit the Literacy Network. I don’t think she had any idea just how excited I would be to share this with you all! Everything about this event is near and dear to my heart: I love children’s literature, have volunteered with the Literacy Network, and … CUPCAKES!!

The event is this Sunday from 1-3pm at Basie’s Restaurant & Lounge (517 Grand Canyon Drive).

Numerous bakers (including one gluten-free baker!) have baked cupcakes which are interpretations of one of their favorite children’s books. Each ticket costs $7, and that ticket will get you 10-13 mini cupcakes to taste. Each ticket holder votes for their favorites, in a couple of categories.

Literacy Network is a team of teachers, learners, tutors, volunteers and donors all working together to improve adult literacy in Dane County. Our programs teach reading, writing and speaking skills to Dane County adults and families so they can achieve financial independence, good health and greater involvement in community life. All programs are free of charge. Follow the link above for more info on how to get involved.


2 thoughts on “Iron Cupcake Madison Challenge

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! Generally, families can share a ticket (even if you want to, it can be hard to eat 13 mini cupcakes if you are only one person). But further donations to the Literacy Network are great! So far I know that If You Give a Pig a Pancake, Very Hungry Caterpillar, Harry Potter, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are some of the books that will be represented. Can’t you just imagine? I hope someone does some Dr. Seuss!

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