Dream Bikes

It’s biking weather! I love biking with my kids, and I’ve had nothing but amazing experiences getting out and biking safely from the folks at Dream Bikes.

Dream Bikes is an amazing organization and their mission statement is as follows:
“To make our community better, we provide our youth with work experience to open up more job opportunities and to create a difference in people’s lives.  We provide access to affordable, quality bikes to those in need.”

And they really follow through. Bikes are donated  from individuals and Dream Bikes teaches young people how to repair and maintain bikes and get the donated bikes ready to be sold. They also learn to help customers in the retail portion of the shop. Bikes that have been repaired and ready to be sold are available at a variety of price points so everyone has access to a bike for transportation. My bike and my daughter’s bike are from Dream Bikes and we had some maintenance done on another bike there. The staff is friendly, helpful and attentive. When I didn’t find just the right bike on one visit, they took detailed information about what I was looking for and called me the following week when my “Dream Bike” came through the door.

They offer a wide range of new, used and adorable vintage adult bikes, a large variety of childrens bikes and some times specialties like adult tricycles and recumbent bikes.  They also carry helmets, baskets, reflectors and other gear.

Dream Bikes is located at  4611 Verona Road Madison, WI 53711 608-467-6315  www.dream-bikes.org
(Dream Bikes is moving this month to a new location at 4245 West Beltline Highway Madison, WI  53711)



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