Birthday Giveaway {Part 5}

This is our fifth and final giveaway! Congratulations to everyone who has won so far, and thanks to everyone who’s commented!

This week’s winner will receive a membership to the Madison Children’s Museum!

Madison Children’s Museum is an award-winning destination for fun family activities and hands-on learning located just off the Capitol Square at 100 N. Hamilton Street. Along with its permanent exhibits, the Madison Children’s Museum offers countless events and programs every month.

To enter this giveaway, answer the following question in the comments (one entry per person. Please include your first & last name when commenting):

What do you love best about raising your family in the Madison area?

Comments must be received by midnight on Friday, June 3. Winner will be chosen using and announced Sunday, June 5.


28 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway {Part 5}

  1. The vast variety of things to do every weekend, regardless of the season. So much culture, so little time. πŸ™‚

  2. I love the free zoo, the numerous parks, the various support networks for parents and children, the bike paths, the variety of healthy food options at restaurants and local produce, and the general sense of amazing community.

  3. We love all of the fun places to explore with our kids: Picnic Point, the lakes, the parks, the zoo, Olbrich Gardens, the arboretum, the libraries, the museums, etc. πŸ˜‰

  4. I love being close to community gardens and farmers’ markets so that my daughter can learn where her food comes from. And, I suppose we’re not really supposed to talk politics here, but it’s important to me that my daughter grows up in a civically-minded community.

  5. I love all the unique opportunities your child has to experience such as the free library programs offered througout the year, the Overture Center children shows, the Concerts on the Square, the Children’s Museum, the Farmer’s Market, the list could go on forever. You can truely expose your child to a new place, class, event every day. I think it is a wonderful place to raise your family because there is so much for them to experience and be exposed to.

  6. I love that there are always so many opportunities – many of them free or low-cost – for my child to learn and explore the city. It’s a family-friendly place, and I love seeing her explore.

  7. So many wonderful, free or low cost activities that we can walk and bike to. Lakes and parks, neighborhood festivals and community concerts, farmers markets, Olbrich, Henry Vilas Zoo. Just this Sunday alone they’re closing down major thoroughfares to Ride the Drive and re-taking Union Corners to Boombox the Wasteland. Been in Madison 20 years and lovin’ it even more with kids!

  8. I love that Madison is so kid friendly! There’s always something fun to do – and a ton of it is free!

  9. What I love about rasing kids in the madison area…Well the fact that there are so many kid friendly things to do. Also the number of resources in the area. This way you can find all the kid friendly things that you don’t already know about.

  10. I love the small community feeling in an urban setting. Madison has so many great restaurants and it is easy to walk or bike all over town.

  11. I love raising our daughter in Madison because there is always something to do. I love the free zoo, and the many parks around the area.

  12. We love biking everywhere with our little guy. Madison is so bike friendly! We go to the grocery, library, zoo, children’s museum, parks, farmers market, concert on the square and the union!

  13. I love the sense of community and “vibe” Madison has: family friendly, fun, down-to-earth, eco-friendly, and that you can always learn more about anything! There are so many opportunities for the young and young at heart to do almost anything you want. I feel like my girl will get a great education in school and in life by being in Madison and growing up exposed to so many different things.

  14. Olbrich Gardens, bike paths, the lakes, parks, farmer’s markets, libraries, wide range of restaurants with Ethnic foods, the Arboretum, Concerts on the Square, the Children’s Museum and the Zoo πŸ™‚

  15. The family friendly restaurants! For example, on Saturday at Crema Cafe during their brunch rush my 1 year old was having a grand old time throwing her Cheerios on the floor. I was picking them up while getting ready to leave when an employee ran over and started to sweep them up saying, “Please let me do that, we want families to feel welcome here.” Where else are you gonna get service like that πŸ™‚ Madison is great!

  16. So many parks everywhere!! And the free zoo too and olbrich gardens…and of course the childrens museum. So much for familys to do together:)

  17. I love the networks of moms’ meet-up groups – Madison Birth Center, Meriter, Happy Bambino, La Leche League…such great resources for new moms!

  18. I love the mix of “city” things, such as the Zoo, Children’s Museum, Goodman Pool and so on, being right in the same area as numerous parks, rivers and lakes, and just more “nature” stuffs in general. It keeps our options so open depending on weather, season, mood. etc.

  19. The zoo, the lakes, the square. And the fact that you can drive for 20 minutes in any directions and see cows.

  20. What’s not to love? Madison and the surrounding areas have a wonderful sense of community generated from all of the family-friendly outlets available. We love the Farmer’s Market, Concerts on the Square, Children’s Museum, Overture programs (like Kids in the Rotunda), Zoo, lakes, bike paths and more! All of these things along with some of the fabulous family-oriented businesses and resources for parents make Madison a fantastic place to raise children πŸ™‚

  21. I love sharing all of the things I loved about Madison pre-baby with my family. Concerts on the Square, Farmer’s Market(s), Vilas Zoo, the parks, the lakes, the bike paths, the restaurants, the Badger games. Like many, I first fell in love with Madison as a young college student. As a parent, I’ve fallen in love with our city all over again. I cannot imagine a better place to raise a family.

  22. the off-leash dog parks, where we can carry our babies in moby wraps and have the dogs running off leash. also the farmer’s markets that we utilize to make our own baby purees!

  23. We love the sense of community and the small town feel with access to things usually found in larger cities. We frequent many of the local restaurants, farmer’s market, vilas zoo, MCM, Concerts on the Square, terrace, and bike path. So many great things to do that don’t have to cost a lot!

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