Legacy Academy

Since my family will be moving to Fitchburg soon, I thought I’d start checking out some of the fun things to do down south.  A couple weeks ago, Dahlia and I met up with a friend at Legacy Academy, which I’d been hearing good things about.

Legacy Academy is basically a huge gym stuffed to the gills with toys, climbing equipment, and various other amusements.  It is aimed at kids from 18 months up to about 12 years.  There is a room that is obviously meant for older kids, with video games and arcade games, as well as tables full of board games and coloring books.  There are also indoor swing sets, a basketball hoop, climbing ropes, and some bikes and trikes.

In all honesty, Dahlia was a little overwhelmed by all the options available to her!  I would say Legacy Academy is really more suited to kids age three and up.  There were plenty of things around that were NOT babyproof.  Dahlia ran directly in front of an older kid in a swing a couple of times, and she also was looking eagerly at the marbles included with Hungry Hungry Hippos before I took that as a cue to head out.  There is little to no authority figure watching over the place — one guy who comes out of his office to take your payment, then heads right back in — so parents are really on their own.  I personally don’t have a problem with this at all, but a couple of the parents there that day were not watching their kids at all.  (Actually, two of them were monopolizing the basketball court, which made me roll my eyes.)

Legacy Academy offers a couple of different options for people who want to throw birthday parties there.  You can either rent the whole place to yourself, or you can have your party during one of their general open gym times and save quite a bit of cash.  It seems like it would be a great place to have a party for older kids — like I said, the under-threes are probably going to be a little overwhelmed.  I feel duty-bound to report, though, that a friend of mine had scheduled her daughter’s birthday party at Legacy Academy and found out at the very last minute that they had accidentally double booked, so she had to scramble to find another venue.  The manager apparently claimed that it had never happened before, but it seems worth mentioning.

All in all, we will definitely be going back to Legacy Academy once we move to Fitchburg.  I’m interested to see how Dahlia enjoys it as she gets a little bit older.

Legacy Academy is located at 2881 Commerce Park Drive, Suite G, in Fitchburg — near Star Cinema.  They currently have Open Gym from 10 to 12 and 12:30 to 2:30 Monday through Friday, for a cost of $5 for each child over the age of 1.  Beginning June 13th, open gym hours will be 1 to 3 Monday through Thursday and 10 to 12 on Friday, so as to accommodate their summer camp program.  Birthday party rates start at $150 for a two hour party with up to 80 attendees, or your party can be held during an Open Gym time for the standard rate of $5 per child.  You can contact Legacy Academy at (608) 270-9977 or email Manager@LegacyAcademy.info for more information about parties, summer camp programs, after school programs, and Parents Night Out programs, or see their website at legacyacademy.info.


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