Keva Sports Center Sports Camp

Our spring break experience at Keva Sports Center left much to be desired. Here’s our story, you can judge for yourself.

Day 1:
The spring break started out well. Keva’s camp was for ages 5 and up, and when we arrived Cass found two other kids from her preschool. Excellent! We were signed up for two days—day one was general team sports, day two was a field trip to Badger Gymnastics. Everyone was friendly enough. Cass sat down in the group circle to meet with the counselors, and I was on my way.

When I picked Cass up, she was sitting watching a group of older boys “wrestle”* each other. That struck me as sort of odd: 1) wrestling isn’t a team sport; 2) it wasn’t on the list of sports Keva said my child was going to learn (soccer, volleyball, basketball, dodgeball (yes, dodgeball!)); 3) I didn’t like Cass watching older kids be so physically aggressive with each other, since the goal of what they were doing wasn’t to score or shoot a ball but to get a person to fall down.

On the drive home, Cass told me they ran out of snack. Cass also mentioned that she hurt her leg playing kickball when she blocked a ball. She said she was ok, and I figured it was par for the course at sports camp.

Day 2:
I packed Cass an extra snack in her lunch. Cass was excited for gymnastics and the chance to show off her moves to her classmates.

At around 3pm, camp called to tell me that Cass had hurt her toe but that they put a band aid on it, and she was ok. No problem, I said, and thanked them for the call.

When I picked Cass up, Cass was again sitting and watching. Campmates were playing soccer. Her sock was off and she was not walking on her foot. While we were signing out, I asked her how gymnastics went that morning. “We didn’t go,” Cass said.

I asked a counselor what happened. She told me that when they got to Badger Gymnastics, the gym was closed because the owner of Badger Gymnastics forgot to be there, so they had to come back. I asked why they didn’t tell the parents this, and why I had to learn this from my daughter. She explained that it wasn’t her fault.

When we got home, I took off Cass’ sock to see that she had stubbed her toe. I rinsed it off, put on a fresh band-aid, and she literally ran off down the hallway. Now, I have no doubt that Cass whined when she injured it. But I would hope that the counselors have experience with 5 year olds who can be overdramatic when they get injured. I wished they would have asked her to walk it off, instead of letting her literally sit on the sidelines for 4-plus hours of camp (the injury happened around noon).

The next day I got an email from Tracy, the Youth Director, saying that she heard I was upset at check out; she explained that it wasn’t their fault that Badger Gymnastics screwed up and no one was there. The email threw me for a loop. I called Tracy, and Tracy reiterated again that it was not Keva’s fault. I told her that while I understood that it was not Keva’s fault, it was still Keva’s responsibility. Did Tracy think Keva responded to what happened as best as possible? Did you teach the kids any gymnastics moves, even a somersault, when you got back to Keva? Did you have any plans to tell the parents so they didn’t have to learn it from their kids? Can you understand that we signed up for this camp package because it included gymnastics in hopes of using this sport my daughter likes to entice her to learn about more sports? Silence on the other end of the phone.

I asked Tracy if there was anything Keva could do for me. Tracy couldn’t think of anything. Nope, there was nothing they could do for me.

The next day, Cass got a welt on her leg from where the kickball hit her.

*When I write “wrestle”, I don’t actually mean the sport of wrestling. From what I saw, the two boys were on all fours, each one trying to pull the other’s arm out from under him so that the other boy would fall on his face. I know little about wrestling, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t part of the sport.

Keva Sports Center is located at 8312 Forsythia Street, Middleton. Check the website for more information on camps, leagues, and classes.


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