Happy birthday, Raising Madison!

Today Tiffany, Maggie, Carousel and I are celebrating Raising Madison‘s first birthday! Hooray!

We are so thrilled and amazed that the little local parenting blog Tiffany and I started a year ago grew into this great resource for so many of you! Thank you for reading; thank you for sharing RM with your friends and family; thank you for all of your supportive and encouraging words. We love Madison! We’re so lucky to live in a city that embraces all families.

To celebrate (and to thank you, our loyal readers), Raising Madison is having a month of giveaways!* Every Monday in May, we’ll announce a new giveaway along with a question you can answer in the comments. You’ll have until midnight on Friday to respond, and we’ll use random.org to choose our winner (which we’ll announce Sunday morning). One entry per person, please (however you can enter as many giveaways as you want).

To start the birthday celebration off right, we’re giving away a coffee mug and gift certificate good for 1/2 dozen cupcakes from Bloom Bake Shop – a downtown Middleton small-batch local, organic, and fair-trade bakery offering cupcakes, brownies, whoopie pies, coffee, tea, and more! (and they offer delicious vegan and gluten free options as well!)

To enter, answer the following question in the comments below (remember, one entry per person, please):

– What was your favorite post made by Raising Madison this past year? or What would you like to see mentioned this year?

Comments must be received by midnight on Friday, May 6.

*Lots of love and thanks to all the local businesses that donated items for our giveaways: Atlas Improv Company, Bloom Bake Shop, Capitol Kids, Daisy Cafe & Cupcakery, Happy Bambino, Liliana’s Restaurant, Madison Children’s Museum, Nicki’s Diapers, Overture Center for the Arts.


32 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Raising Madison!

  1. I appreciated the post related to fun things to do with babies under the age of one – thanks for a great year of posts!

  2. I liked your reviews of the birthday party venues and also the elementary school reviews too! Thanks for keeping us posted for the last year!

  3. Your post about the UW’s Infant Learning Lab was great! I had no idea about them until I read your blog. Your posts are so informative, very often saving me time from looking for the information you’ve posted. Keep up the great work! It’s much appreciated!

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  5. I loved the doctor referral & photographer referrals. It’s always great to keep up with what’s going on around town too! : )

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Always love topics on outdoor activities/events suitable for small children. And on restaurants that are child friendly- makes for a guaranteed positive outing

  7. i’m new to your blog, but like what I see – i’d love to see outing options for all parts of town and all pocketbooks!

  8. I have to agree on the post about things to do with babies under the age of 1. That has been, and continues to be, very very helpful for this new mom!

  9. I’ve been tuned in all year! I loved the blog on healthcare providers. As a doula I get asked frequently about area doctors and I certainly have my favorites that I would trust with my family, but your blog represents a diverse set of opinions that well match the variety that IS MADISON. Thank you. And Happy Birthday!

  10. I like to check your blog for the latest events around town! It takes all the work out of finding something fun for my family to do!

  11. I would like more ideas for things to do in the afternoon/early evening. Also kid-friendly musical events. I’ve enjoyed the restaurant reviews. Keep up the good work!

  12. I like the post about the Zoo. The Zoo is something that many people forget about but is a great resource (and price) for something to do with the kiddos!

  13. I enjoy reading about the weekend happenings around Madison – especially when all the autumn events are taking place. Happy Birthday Raising Madison!

  14. I really like posts regarding restaurants that are good to bring kiddos. If I’m going to spend the money to eat out I want to know the place is family friendly.

    Happy Birthday!

  15. I liked the posts about doctors and doulas but would love to see another one with more west side doctors!

  16. I liked the post about MCM’s Pi Day. I love that you keep track of all the special events the local attractions hold so I don’t have to πŸ™‚ Really, though, I love all the things you post about. What a great resource.

  17. Paula – we posted all the doctor reviews that we received. If anyone has any reviews of West Side doctors (or any not mentioned in the post), please e-mail them to us and we’ll add them to the post!

  18. I just found out about your site and think it’s great! I am excited to read more posts about kid-friendly restaurants.

  19. I enjoy reading about all the fun activities going on. Your blog is great for families already in Madison, and quite a draw for families looking to relocate there. I liked the school tours the best. Yay for cupcakes!

  20. We’ve gotten a lot of fun ideas for things to do with our son over the last year from the Raising Madison posts. I thought the school tours posts were particularly informative, and would love to see more posts like them, as well as more posts on family friendly events around town.

  21. Rather than having a favorite post, the article I look forward to reading every week is the list of the upcoming weekends events.

  22. My favorite post was about Lily loving “Castle Park” in Fitchburg. I have meant to take my son there since she posted it last year and will have to make a point of it this year! πŸ™‚

  23. The Kids in the Rotunda series – I like the announcement/reminders. I used to remember those events too late, like 3:00 Saturday afternoons!

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