Sneak Peek at the new Fitchburg Public Library

This past week we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the Fitchburg Public Library (set to open in June)!

Just blocks from our house, we are thrilled this huge (!!!!!) modern library is coming to our community. We have been lucky to have the bookmobile spot for our area be literally at the end of our driveway so this library is actually farther away for us, but we look forward to a short walk or bike ride to the enormous childrens area, the “storytime” room, and workshops and the sense of community this library will bring to a city without a “downtown” or main street area.

Some of the most exciting things I learned about the tour:
-Library director, Wendy Rawson, is knowledgable, passionate and really open to community input on content and programming.
-The building is heated and cooled using geothermal wells
-MG&E is working on finding the right solar technology to supply electricity
-Friends of Fitchburg Library will keep a wall of donated books for sale in a nook under the stairs.
-A separate teen area with computers, lounge and gaming systems.
-The quiet reading room. equipped with comfy seating, a large fireplace and a fantastic large picture window, this was my favorite space.
-A beautiful and substantial portion of the library is dedicated to childrens literature, and features a lovely storytime room.
-This library has plenty of bathrooms. including a family restroom with a kids potty in the childrens area (yay!)
-Select shelves in the childrens area will display books front covers rather than spines for easy selection by non-readers
-Food and covered drinks are allowed in the library!!!! Hallelujah! Your kids can bring their sippies! You can bring coffee so you can keep up with your kids and their sippies! The library has vending machines, including a coffee machine, on the first floor.

The entry to the childrens area. The blue area at the end is the story/craft area! Exciting!

This is the quiet reading room I plan to use to hide from my children and read something other than "Brown Bear" and "Olivia."

Information about the building process is available here. (check out photo 4!!)

More information and updates are available at:

For the next few months until opening, the best way to submit questions or comments is through the library’s contact page.


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