Rushing Waters Fishery

We are continuing our family effort to find local sustainable sources for our food. We took a little adventure out to Rushing Waters Fishery in Palmyra (about a one hour drive) to check out our favorite source for delicious trout. We were thrilled to find a clean and modern facility with friendly staff and healthy well treated fish.

Liliana (our 4.5 year old) was over-the-moon excited to find that they offer fishing in their lovely little trout ponds! She has been asking to go fishing for about a year (we dont know where she got this idea, but she has been convinced fishing will be the most fun ever!)  and we were happy to oblige since we had a nice guide helping us.

The pond they allow fishing in is FULL of fish, and Lily caught 3 fish in about 10-15 minutes. We joked it was instant gratification fishing, perfect for a young child! We had so much healthy outside family fun, and prices were reasonable, we spent about $20 for a morning full of fun (we paid for rented poles, nets, buckets and bait) and several pounds of fresh caught fish.

*Your own equipment and bait is not allowed*

Pole Rental: $2.00/pole. (Wednesdays, pole rental is free.)

Worms: $2.50/dozen

Fish: $5.50/pound (live weight)

You must keep what you catch.

Cleaning: $1.00 per fish dressed or $1.50 per fish filleted

Take your catch home and clean it yourself if you wish. They will put it on ice to keep it fresh on your trip home. No additional charge.

[contact them] for information on group rates or reservations for groups of 20 or more.

To make this a most enjoyable event for everyone, please observe the following rules:

– You must keep what you catch – no throw-backs
– Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult
– No swimming! If we find you in the pond, we shall assume you are a trout and pan-fry you.
– No alcoholic beverages
– No pets
– Park and fish only in designated areas
– Have fun!!

Rushing Waters Fishery is located at N301 County Road H in Palmyra, WI.
Toll Free: 800-378-7088; Tel: 262-495-2089


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