Community Change

Have you heard about Community Change? We’ve only just discovered it ourselves. Community Change offers great local deals that benefit charity!

“The mission of Community Change is to provide charitable assistance through a unique method; everyone wins!

By approaching “giving” in a new way we can provide benefits to consumers who want their purchases to mean more than just savings. We can provide our partner charities with a benefit to their supporters and a program that assists them effortlessly. And we can provide an avenue where merchants can benefit local charities that have meaning to those consumers who patronize their establishments.

By combining the interests of those involved in our community we strive to create change through commerce based donations and good works through charity.”

The Community Change offers half price or better deals on gift cards and gift card packs at tons of local merchants, including Bouncy Town USA, Rock n Glam Salon, The Little Gym, Kittelson Swim, and more. Each purchase benefits a partner charity!

Community Change sounds like a great way to save money while also giving back! Have any of you used Community Change Cards yet?


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