Birthday Parties!

RM reader Katie recently asked if had done a post about good places to hold birthday parties, and we realized we hadn’t – although it’s something we’ve meant to do for months now! Thanks for the reminder, Katie!

We didn’t receive many e-mails when we asked for reviews, so we thought we’d list a few local places that we know hold birthday parties (follow links for pricing and more info), and we also welcome your reviews in the comments!

Half-Pint Resale just posted a great review of the Madison Children’s Museum birthday parties! And Kid-Friendly Madison has a discussion open for reviews on its Facebook page.

Birthday Party Packages:

Bloom Bake Shop
Bouncy Town USA
Fired Up Pottery
Henry Vilas Zoo
Madison Children’s Museum

Room rentals:

Goodman Community Center
Happy Bambino

RM reader Leigh sent us a review of Legacy Academy:

“We just had my daughter’s 6th birthday party at Legacy Academy in Fitchburg. To be perfectly honest, we chose them because they were by far the cheapest. She wanted to invite her whole Kindergarten class as well as her Daisy troop and a few other friends. Most places have a comparable base price, but there is a limit on the number of kids, and then you pay extra for each additional kid. At Legacy you pay one price ($150 as of February) for the rental of the space for two hours and that’s it – no additional fees and you get the whole place to yourself for as many kids as you want. For smaller groups you can host your party during an open gym time for $5 per child.

Aside from the low cost, we liked that you can bring in your own food and that there’s a huge variety of activities. Truly something for everyone. There’s a playset, a jumping tower (by far the most popular attraction for our group), a Nintendo Wii, air hockey, Lego, books and comfy couches, board games, a mini bowling lane, basketball, a small rock climbing wall, swings, balls… You name it. There are also plenty of activities for younger siblings – blocks, puzzles, board books. You can bring your own CDs to play during the party, there are refrigerators to use, and the staff is very friendly. We had a great time and my daughter was very happy with her party!”

We know there are a lot of other great options out there – we look forward to reading your reviews in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Birthday Parties!

  1. Another good place is Aldo Leopold nature center. My daughters birthday is in February, so we are always looking for something different. The weather was cOld, but sunny the day we had her party, so they went for a nature hike in the snow. But they have craft activities if you need to stay indoors

  2. Thanks for the ideas, here are a few more. My son has a winter birthday, so once our little house outgrew home parties we were also on the look out for indoor locations.

    Warner Park Community Center has inexpensive room rentals and we combined it with their M/W/F gym playtime ($3-5 per kid) for a great toddler age party.

    Pump It Up in Fitchburg has giant inflatable bouncey rooms and party packages with weekday discounts. We used a Groupon discount to take advantage of their drop-in playtime.

    Madtown Twisters offers party packages too. We recently attended a great birthday party there. The trampolines and obstacle course were big hits and everyone took marathon naps afterwards!

  3. I have had several of my kids parties at The Little Gym in Middleton. I have also seen Little Gym since it opened more than 5 years ago and it continues to be fun, professional and an extremely clean place. The owners, Cindy & Bob have an amazing amount of energy and it shows in their businesses (They now have a Little Gym in Fitchburg as well!) It’s a terrific place for classes and a birthday party that feels like you can just show up and enjoy your time with your child!

  4. We had my daughters 5th birthday party at Bounce U. It was by far the easiest and most fun birthday party I’ve ever hosted!
    The staff were there to set every thing up and play with the kids, the facility has something fun for everyone. We had toddlers, preschoolers, school aged kids and teenagers there as well as adults and everyone had a blast bouncing.
    We had quite a lot of people so we had the largest package with many add-ons. I don’t remember the specific total, but it was under $200 before I left a tip for the staff members that helped with everything.
    We plan on having my daughters 6th birthday there as well!

  5. Thanks for the Kid Friendly Madison mention.

    Some other ideas:

    Henry Vilas Zoo
    Lazer Zone
    Bowling Alleys
    Animart (or other pet store)
    Local Farms (Eugesters and Waldvogels)
    UW Space Place (I think)
    Studio You (or paint your own pottery places)
    Swimming Pools
    Rocky Rococco
    Bogeys (?)
    Bouncy Town USA
    Busy Barn
    Stoughton Cafe
    Chuck E Cheese
    Create Studio Lounge
    MacKenzie Center (?)
    Pump It Up
    Vitense Golfland

  6. Vitense Golfland is a great place, lots of activities, reasonably priced and you get a private room and part girl (or something like that). My kids had a blast there.

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