Celebrate Pi Day at the MCM

Monday, March 14, is National Pi Day, dedicated to commemorating the mathematical symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle. To mark this quirky occasion, Madison Children’s Museum is going all out with a special admission price of $3.14 all day!

Pi Day was created in 1989 by physicist Larry Shaw of the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco. The first ever Pi Day was celebrated with the staff and public marching in a circle at the museum and then enjoying a bit of Pi-e.

Since then, Pi Day has grown to be celebrated all around the U.S. on March 14 because the numbers of this date are the first 3 digits of Pi, 3.14, which also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday. The holiday has become so well known that it is even recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives.

There’s so much for children to do at the museum for the special $3.14 price. In addition to all the fun-filled exhibits MCM provides, kids can enjoy a several educational activities related to Pi, including:

• Writing a Pi-Ku poem or a Pi story all day in the Art Studio
• Making a Pi-e at Little Pioneers at the Log Cabin from 10–11 am
• Listening to the story of “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi” at 3 pm

Pi is an infinite number (the longest calculation being more than 1 trillion decimal places long) and provides infinite possibilities for ways to celebrate such an amazing number. So eat some Pi-e, make a Pi shirt, see how long you can recite the Pi decimal places, and come celebrate this mathematician’s holiday at Madison Children’s Museum!

Madison Children’s Museum is located at 100 N. Hamilton.


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