CSA Open House

Last year, our little family tried out gardening for the first time and we were rewarded with lots of lovely vegetables! We will be posting more on that soon when it’s seedling time, but the point is we learned that while we really love gardening, we are not farmers, and we go through a lot more variety and quantity than we can easily produce for ourselves. This year we are planning on participating in a CSA. We are learning a lot through the Madison Area CSA Coalition .  We are hoping to find a good match for our needs at the CSA Open House on March 13th.

2011 CSA OPEN HOUSE: Meet Your Local Farmers Sunday, March 13, 1 – 4 pm at the Monona Terrace.

Bring your friends and neighbors to this annual community event featuring a diverse array of CSA farms, workshops, kids’ activities, music, a raffle, and tasty samples of farm-fresh foods to showcase the many benefits of CSA.

Does your family belong to a CSA? How has it changed the way your family thinks about the food they eat?


One thought on “CSA Open House

  1. CSAs are a great way to get more variety into your family’s diet. Since each box offers a surprise medley of the vegetables that are available each of the season’s 20 weeks, your willingness to cook is a must. Due to the popularity of eating local/organic and because most insurance companies offer a healthy eating rebate (up to $200 per family) many farms sell out. If you are really interested in trying a CSA this year, please consider signing up before the Open House as many fill up before this date. A list of farms can be found here: http://www.csacoalition.org/our-farms/ Happy Eating!

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