Get Out the Vote this weekend!

The weekend before every election is known as “GOTV”: Get Out the Vote. It’s final moments of persuasion to the voter along with reminding your supporters to vote on election day. GOTV usually entails dropping off literature at voters’ doors and phone banking. This weekend promises to be a busy one, as next Tuesday February 15 is Election Day! There are at least 3 races on every Madisonian’s ballot: County Executive, Mayor, and State Supreme Court Justice.

Cass has joined me on lit drops several times. It’s always nice to get outside and go for a walk. And, I always bring Cass with me to the polls. Aside from the obvious civics lesson, voting in Wisconsin is pretty fun from a kid’s perspective. You have to color in your choice on the ballot, and when you’re done, you get to slide your ballot into a machine that beeps and lights up when you put your ballot in (Cass’ favorite part). And there are usually sample and extra ballots that you can take home. (We used to play “Mommy’s Work”.)

All ends of the political spectrum are represented by the candidates this time out, from conservative to moderate to liberal, especially in the 6-way county executive race primary to replace outgoing County Executive Kathleen Falk. Here’s your chance to support your candidate and get some fresh air (it’s supposed to be lovely this weekend). Last week, the word of the day on Sesame Street was “volunteer” – so go out and do it!

I particularly love local elections on the city and county level because you get to meet and talk with the candidates. Every vote makes such a difference—in the past 5 years I have seen several local races where the winner was determined by less than 50 votes. Every year there is a close victory.

Here are the candidates for the respective races. You can contact each campaign if you want to volunteer. And remember to vote!

For Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice
JoAnne Kloppenburg (
David Prosser, Jr. (
Marla Stephens (
Joel Winnig (

For County Executive
Zach Brandon (
Eileen Bruskewitz (
Scott McDonell (
Joe Parisi (
Joe Wineke (
Spencer Zimmerman (Facebook fan page)

For Madison Mayor:
Dave Cieslewicz (
Dennis deNure (
Nick Hart (
Paul Soglin (Facebook fan page)

There are also primary races for 5 Madison City Alder seats.

Election Day is Tuesday, February 15. You can find out more information about the elections (including information on who’s running and where you can vote) on the City of Madison website. If you do not live in the City of Madison, you can find your polling place using the Voter Public Access website.


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