Frosty Flicks for the Family

One of my favorite things to do on cold, snowy weekdays last winter was see a “Mommy (and Daddy) Matinee” at Star Cinema with Milena. The sound wasn’t too loud, the theater wasn’t too dark, and Milena would normally doze off about halfway through, so I was actually able to enjoy movies meant for me!

So I was pretty disappointed this year to find that the movie theaters no longer offer “Mommy (and Daddy) Matinees.” However, starting February 6th (through March 20th), Marcus theaters will be offering Frosty Flicks: kids winter film series on Saturday mornings at 10am and Sunday mornings at 11am to view your favorite family flicks for just $2! (Movie schedule)

These movies are more for the kids than the parents, but at $2 a ticket, it’d make a nice winter outing for your family!


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