Happy Groundhog Day/Blizzard 2011!

We don’t need the Groundhog to tell us that spring isn’t coming any time soon – we just need to look out our windows!

Late January is when the cabin fever really sets in at our house. By then we’ve depleted our winter-weather resources and are just itching to get outside in the warmth and sun and color!

Yesterday morning I decided that’s exactly what Milena and I needed: COLOR! So for breakfast we enjoyed some delicious rainbow pancakes:

After breakfast we read “Frederick”, the perfect snowy-day tale about a little mouse who gathers up colors and words and the sun’s rays while his mouse friends gather food for the winter. Then we looked at pictures and watched movies from this past summer, and we pointed out all the colors we saw (“Green grass!”, “Blue pool!”, “Pink flowers!”).

In the afternoon we made a rainbow during craft time, and Milena even painted a rainbow all on her own (see it?).

What activities do you plan for your kiddos during snowy days like today? How are your kiddos spending today’s snow day? Were you lucky enough to get a snow day from work as well? We hope you all stay safe and warm!


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