Kids’ Ice Fishing Day with the Yahara Fishing Club

Hey, Raising Madison readers, let’s give a warm welcome to Carousel, our newest RM blogger! Carousel lives on Madison’s west side with her husband and their two girls, Cass (5) and Mari (1). We are so excited to have Carousel join us!

Sometime in mid-January every year, the depths of winter and cabin fever set in, and I realize that the end is not in sight. OK! It’s time to get outside. On January 15th, the Yahara Fishing Club hosted a Kids Day on Monona Bay. Yes, that’s right, fishing club. We live in Wisconsin; it’s time to try Ice Fishing! My 5 year-old Cass and my husband headed out. The club made it easy – the club members drilled the holes; provided fishing rod, reel, and bait; provided buckets to sit on; and gave Cass basic instruction on how to set up her line and pole. The only thing missing was the covered tent to keep everyone warm. But it was pretty nice sitting out in the fresh air, no matter how cold it was. Cass had a great time. She didn’t catch a fish, but the boy next to her did. Of course, when Cass got home and I asked her how it went, she said favorite part was the hot cocoa with marshmallows. That might have been my favorite part too.

For more information about ice fishing this winter and to see pictures from last summer’s Kids’ Fishing Day at Warner Park, check out the Yahara Fishing Club’s, website at


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