The Roman Candle Pizzeria: Bebe Meals Restaurant Review

Dee and I are always on the look-out for “New York” style pizza, having met in NYC we both have a love for thin crust, by the slice pizza. Last month we decided to check out The Roman Candle Pizzeria, having heard good things about the local chain. After a quick glance at their website I read this:

“The Roman Candle is a traditional neighborhood pizzeria. Daily, we serve families, students, and professionals the best, freshest pizza in town. We care about our ingredients. We make dough each morning from the finest flour, grate fresh Wisconsin cheese everyday, and cut our Romas and onions by hand. You’ll get the widest variety of pizza toppings anywhere in Madison, and we feature locally sourced ingredients.”

I knew it was worth a try. We had some Holiday shopping to do on the west side of town so decided to try out the Middleton location. We walked into the cozy little joint which was bustling with people and families enjoying food. As we were sitting down to eat Dee began to look over the menu and our conversation went a little something like this…

Dee: “Ohh they have those Organic Valley milk boxes for B! Wait they have beer and wine for us!!!”
Me: “You had me at Organic Valley milk boxes for B!!!”

Needless to say were were very pleased with our experience and will go again. Bebe B had the noodles with broccoli, fresh fruit and a breadstick, which she adored and gobbled up at record speed. Dee and I both ordered made to order slices. I loved that we could create our slices however we wanted from the ingredients on the menu. I think my BBQ sauce chicken and broccoli combo was the best! The staff was friendly and the prices were fair so overall…2 big thumbs and 1 little thumb up from us!

Footnote: This is a completely unbiased review, I received no compensation for this review. We paid for our meals ourselves.

The Roman Candle Pizzerias are located at:

East: 1054 Williamson St., 608-258-2000

West: 1920 Parmenter St., 608-831-7777

Fitchburg: 2685 Research Park Dr, 608-278-1111

Be sure to visit local mama Tara Verma’s Bebe Meals website for more restaurant reviews, Bebe Meals blog, and recipes!


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