Wisconsin Veterans Museum

Happy Veterans Day! We at Raising Madison would like to thank all the men and women (both veterans and their families) who make sacrifices every day to keep our country free.

A trip to the Wisconsin Veterans Museum would be a great way to teach your children what today is all about!

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum, located across the street from the State Capitol, is dedicated to Wisconsin’s citizen-soldiers, who gave their youth, their aspirations and in some cases their lives to serve America in times of peril.

Admission is free!

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Saturday (year round):
9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Sunday (April through September):
Noon to 4 pm

Closed Holidays

“The Wisconsin Veterans Museum encourages people of all age groups and backgrounds to visit our award winning facility. We serve the public in four unique areas. The museum offers instructive exhibits that highlight important events in Wisconsin military history from the Civil War to the present. The museum has received national recognition for its displays. Secondly, the museum develops educational programs often focusing on specific themes such as World War II or Korea. Thirdly, the museum also operates a Research Center where books, photographic materials, oral histories, and archival collections can be accessed. In addition, the Research Center provides online reference assistance. Finally, the museum cares for and safeguards a large collection of artifacts associated with Wisconsin’s military history.

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum is an active member of the area community. The museum hosts school tours, veterans group meetings, commemorative events, special programs and participates in activities sponsored by its governing agency, the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs. The message of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum is one of affirmation. The museum recognizes, acknowledges and affirms the role of state veterans in America’s military past. We believe that our educational programs, exhibits, and services contribute to the quality of life Wisconsin citizens enjoy.”

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum is located at 30 W. Mifflin Street (267-1799).


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