As a family, we love going out in crisp fall air and trudging through mud and leaves to get to the perfect pumpkin. We do it every year, sometimes more than once!

Eugster’s is a huge favorite of ours, and when Lily’s preschool had a class fieldtrip scheduled to go, we were super excited! It was fun, as always, but we also learned that they have experienced an unfortunate blight on their pumpkins this year, and had to plow under a whopping 45 acres of pumpkins! They also had to buy in 20,000 pumpkins to provide enough for all their regular fall festival visitors and fieldtrips and such. So sad! So, we were happy to support them on a year that they need tons of extra support!

Both Tiffany and Kat did find the cute rows of tidy little pumpkins tucked between the apple trees quite appealing, even if the bought-in pumpkins were a little surreal there. Here’s a picture of Milena finding her perfect pumpkin!

However, if you prefer real, honest to goodness, dirt covered pumpkin patch pumpkins we’ve confirmed that you can find them at both Eplegaarden and Yesteryear Farms.

Have fun!


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