First Moments Photography

Danielle Bradley from First Moments Photography contacted Raising Madison a few months ago to chat about our blog and suggest a post idea (more on that later). She also offered to do a free session with us and our little ones so we’d have some nice photos to put on the blog (did you notice our new header? We put some new photos up in the mamas of RM section as well). In return, we agreed to write a review post about the session.

Danielle definitely had her hands full with our little group. Right off the bat, she was great about working around the differing schedules of three busy mamas. During the session she faced a very social 4 year old, a toddler who wouldn’t sit still, a toddler who didn’t want to leave her mama’s arms, and an adorable little baby (Charlie was the most cooperative of the group).

We met Danielle at the Capitol on a surprisingly hot and humid day. We knew we wanted a group shot for the blog along with shots of our kids, but beyond that we weren’t too specific. We spent the entire photo shoot on the Capitol steps, and I think we were all surprised at that and at how many posed pictures Danielle had us (attempt to) sit for. As you can see, it was a struggle just to get them all to sit still at the same time, let alone look at the camera and smile!

Danielle had a very engaging and patient manner with the kids. She brought toys and a feather duster that were able to bring out big smiles in our little ones. Maggie and I were a bit surprised when she offered candy to our kiddos, however – neither of us give our girls candy yet, and we don’t really agree with the idea of using candy to bribe kids to sit still (plus, they’re toddlers, so it wouldn’t have worked anyway!).

I wish we had done more candids (and had moved to the lawn to let the kids run free) because the candids Danielle did take are some of the best photos of the session! As Maggie put it, Danielle has a good eye for composition and was able to capture some great, happy faces. And Tiffany said that the candids Danielle took captured some of Tiffany’s new favorite photos!

We have nothing but respect for anyone who is willing to photograph kids and babies! We spent a nice afternoon with First Moments Photography and came back with some beautiful photos. We all enjoyed browsing through our proofs on the super user-friendly site she uses for hosting, as well!

Thanks, Danielle, for the fun session and the wonderful moments you captured for Raising Madison!

First Moments Photography is located at 4700 McFarland Court, McFarland. By appointment only. 608.204.9747.

And now onto Danielle’s suggestion: Raising Madison’s next review post will be on Local Family Photographers! We’d love to hear about your experiences with any of the many local photographers in our area. Photographers, we want to hear from you as well! Please e-mail us at raisingmadison [!at], and we’ll compile everything into one post, which we’ll publish in late November. Feel free to include a sample photo or two for us to share as well.


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