The Washington Hotel: Bebe Meals Restaurant Review

To quote Bebe B, “I’M BACK” (she likes to announce this anytime she leaves your line of sight for a moment, then returns)! I was a little burnt out on restaurant reviews but I’m feeling refreshed, revived and ready to search out the cool pockets and corners of this city till I have found all the restaurant treasures for families!! Recently Bebe B and I checked out the Washington Hotel Coffee Room. My mother recently discovered it attached to a cool yarn shop called Lakeside Fibers. To describe this place in one word is “character”… the place has oodles of it.

According to their menu “virtually all of our food and beverages are organically grown and sustainably produced.” The patrons were mostly people working at their computers and staring at the wonderful lake view through their huge windows. The place was not designed with kids in mind but I did not feel out of place at all. They even had a highchair. They also had some beautiful areas for outdoor eating. The menu looked great. They didn’t have a specific kids menu but the prices seemed reasonable and there were plenty of choices. I decided to be economical and share with Bebe B today. I ordered the “Organic Peanut Butter Sandwich” which the menu listed as “your choice of bread with bananas and honey”. I also ordered a side of wheatberry salad (which was one of the sides of the day). I was a little disappointed the sandwich came with jam … no bananas, no honey. Plus it was way too much jam. Both Bebe B and I had trouble eating it because it was so sweet. The wheatberry salad we polished off though and Bebe B ate out all the cranberries before I could blink! So the moral of that story is double check things come they way you want them. As I was leaving I asked what type of jam it was and found out it was a local blackberry jam. Next time I think we will just ask for “no jam … bananas please”. Overall I was pleased and I know we will return. I’m looking forward to trying some of their homemade soup my mother was raving about. Also they have a “Quiche of the Day” everyday. Oh and of course let’s not forget … they have coffee! The place itself has an open, eclectic yet homey feel to it. Bebe B and I even saw a park nearby we plan to check out next time!

Footnote: This is a completely unbiased review, I received no compensation for this review. We paid for our meals ourselves.

The Washington Hotel Coffee Room is located at 402 W Lakeside St, Madison.

Be sure to visit local mama Tara Verma’s Bebe Meals website for more restaurant reviews, Bebe Meals blog, and recipes!


2 thoughts on “The Washington Hotel: Bebe Meals Restaurant Review

  1. I love this place. The view, the coffee, the food. I will note that the menu is a little pricey, the service a little slow. It was perfect when I was on maternity leave and could sit for a bit with friends, but with a toddler it’s a bigger challenge. But so worth checking out!

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