Etsy Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to the inventors of Excel, copy/paste and, we have the winners of our Etsy Giveaway!

If you see your name below, please e-mail us at raisingmadison [!at], and we’ll tell you how to claim your prize!

1. Paula Marie Salmon is the winner of personalized stationary from Jack & Ella Paper Press.

2. Karen Koenig Ward won her choice of an in-stock glass tile pendant from HRBeaDesign.

3. Jen, who recommended Happy Bambino in the comments, won an 8″ x 10″ Alphabet Print from Black Kat Studio.

4. Crystal Randen Huene won two sets of 5 Pretty Clip magnets and two “Sweet Tweet” ornament cards from Little Dandelion Studios.

5. Nina Valeo Cooke won her choice of 4 in-stock pocket mirrors from Madison Craft.

Congrats to our winners! Thanks to everyone who suggested more local stores to check out! And thanks again to all the Etsy sellers who participated in our giveaway!


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