Rock N Glam Salon

When I realized my daughter Lily had inherited my fine, slow growing hair the only positive I could think of was “well, at least we dont have to think about haircuts for a while.” And we didnt.

So when she had turned three years old and STILL never had a hair cut, I decided we better get her used to the idea. Somehow I happened upon Rock N Glam Salon, which had on their price list a “Little Rockstar” haircut and nail polish for $18. The fact that they actually advertised a service for kids and welcomed children made me so happy, I called right away and got her in for a visit. I can’t imagine a better first hair cut experience.
We’ve been several times since then, and our stylist, Angelina, has a daughter of her own and is AMAZING with Lily! Even her first cut, where she was all wiggles and nervous energy, she was patient and kind with her. She’s never seemed hurried or impatient with Lily for needing reminders to sit still, or irritated with me for taking 8 million pictures of my kid having a haircut.

Most importantly, she makes Lily feel SO FANCY and grown up. It takes some scheduling to be able to find a time for my husband to watch my son when Lily and I can go get our hair done, so I love that Lily feels it’s a very special mommy daughter thing, instead of just an errand in our day. Three cheers for Rock N Glam!

Rock N Glam Salon is located at 6602 Grand Teton Plz, Ste 130, Madison (833-4075).

Where do you take your children for haircuts? What makes the place so special – is there a particular stylist you love? Do they have special chairs or games for children?


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