Lunching at Liliana’s: Bebe Meals Restaurant Review

RM Note: Liliana’s Restaurant is owned by RM blogger Tiffany and her husband Dave. The fact that Tara reviewed it is purely coincidental. But we’re really glad she and Bebe B enjoyed it!

Bebe B and I recently had a chance to check out Liliana’s for lunch. I had heard some very nice things about the New Orleans style restaurant and couldn’t wait to see for myself. Liliana’s is located in Fitchburg and has a light and upscale feel about it when you walk into the restaurant. The fountain in the middle of the restaurant, full of patrons wishes, is also a fun touch. Bebe B was the only kid in the restaurant while we were there but as far as I could tell she was in no way out of place. The host handed her an entire packet for coloring, which was a nice touch because usually one paper doesn’t last her too long. She loved coloring the packet and I could see it had fun crosswords and games that older kids would enjoy as well. They quickly got our drink orders and brought us out a dish of corn bread and spicy biscuits. Bebe B adored the corn bread and kept asking for more. I was glad to see the kids menu said “All kids meals are made from fresh, never frozen, whole ingredients and no preservatives are ever added. Every kids meal is served with fresh vegetables and fruit salad.” I decided to order Bebe B the Buttered Noodles and Parmesan, which was a bit of a mistake on my part. She ate some of it but really wasn’t digging it. I should have ordered her the mac and cheese because I know she would have adored that. I tried her noodles and they were great, so I think it was just Bebe B exercising her new found toddler right to not like things. I was also impressed with the “Gourmet Baby” item on the menu “A little sample of fresh baby tastes for the younger gourmands. Small cut up fruit, veggies and cheese, with a little ramekin of tomato soup.” I had to remind the waitress about the fruit and veggies but as soon as I asked she brought them right out to us. Bebe B adored the little white bowl containing some celery strips, green pepper, strawberries and blueberries. She ate almost all of it, even the green pepper which surprised me! My food was excellent as well. I ordered the lunch combo of salad and soup. I had the truffled endive salad which can only be described with one word…heaven! And the vegetable and rice soup of the day was fabulous, I shared some with Bebe B and she loved it. She also polished off my sweet potato chips as well!

Overall a fabulous lunch out. I am excited to go back as a family for their Sunday evening Family Night: “Enjoy an elegant night out with your family. Liliana’s is always a family-friendly restaurant, but we wanted to have a special evening where families would be especially comfortable dining. To make it just a little easier on the parents, on Sunday nights kids under 12 eat for free from our kid’s menu (steaks excluded). For the adults looking to kick back a little, too, we also offer $4 Sangrias and $4 Mimosas. We hope dining with us on Sunday evenings will become one of your family’s special traditions.”

The bottom line … Liliana’s is a restaurant with good homemade food, a place with class and elegance yet you will be very comfortable bringing your little ones to. One big and one bebe thumbs up from us!

Liliana’s Restaurant is located at 2951 Triverton Pike, Fitchburg (442-4444). Visit the website for more information including hours, menu, special events (including live music), and cooking classes.

Don’t forget to check out local mama Tara Verma’s Bebe Meals website for more restaurant reviews, Bebe Meals blog, and recipes!


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