Madison ❤ Kids

You may already be familiar with the Milwaukee ❤ Kids iPhone app authored by local mama Julie Henning (Kid-Friendly Madison) earlier this year. Now Julie’s released a similar app for Madison!

The Madison ❤ Kids iPhone App is available on iTunes for 99 cents. It contains over 550 photos and 26 author-generated pages of text. According to today’s article in the WSJ, “The app has 70 entries that provide a virtual tour of Madison kid-friendly activities.”

Sounds like a great resource to us! And, thanks to Julie, five lucky RM readers will have the chance to download the app for free! Comment by Saturday night telling us why you ❤ Madison, and we’ll randomly draw five winners (check back Monday to see if you’ve won and how to collect your free code!).

Tiffany and Maggie have both downloaded the app as well, so we’ll post a review of the Madison ❤ Kids iPhone App once they’ve had a chance to test it out. And we’re interested to hear what you think of the app as well!


5 thoughts on “Madison ❤ Kids

  1. I just entered into the world of smart phones, but am happy to know about this app… Madison is kid town. Happy bambino, family enhancement center, bike trails, farmers markets, mama groups abound. Such a great place to be a new parent.

  2. I love Madison, grew up here, and would be so sad to leave. I love the Overture Center, farmer’s market, Dane County Fair, Madison Area Concert Handbells, all the activities offered for children, Madtown Moms, Madison Newcomers’, our free zoo, the lakes, the Union ice cream, and oh so much more!

  3. I’m moving to Madison in two weeks (from CA) with my husband and 22 month old daughter. I am looking forward to loving Madison!!! What I love so far: farmer’s market, like minded parents, kid-friendly activities abound. Would love this App to help get me familiar with all of the great stuff to do in Madison.

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