Fine Dining Babies

Our Liliana was already one year old and a veteran restaurant diner by the time we opened our restaurant, so even though being KID friendly was a priority, being BABY friendly got overlooked.

So, three years later, we are back in the world of feeding a new eater at a restaurant, and Liliana’s can certainly feed even the tiniest customers.

The chefs came up with the Gourmet Baby, a nice little platter of fruits, veggies and cheese as well as a little bowl of tomato bisque. Charlie (our 8 month old) thoroughly enjoyed his dinner, and was able to snack off most of the food himself.

If you have littles, don’t forget to think of Liliana’s! Especially on Sunday Family Night where kids under 12 eat from the kids menu for free!
Here is the complete kids menu

Liliana’s Restaurant is a locally owned New Orleans style restaurant located at 2951 Triverton Pike Drive in Fitchburg (608)442-4444


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