Goodman Pool

It has been HOT out lately, and the best way to beat the heat is in the water.  We’ve had a couple of chances to get Dahlia out to the splash pad in Middleton, as well as a couple of dips in a friend’s pool, but she’s never had as much fun as she did today at the Goodman Pool.

The Goodman Pool combines the best aspects of a pool, a splash pad, and a water park.  The physical structure itself is astonishing. The pool has a 1000 person capacity and includes a lap area with diving boards and two awesome waterslides that made me wish I didn’t have to watch a one-year-old.  (I am a big fan of waterslides.)  What’s great about the pool for moms of young kids is that it starts at zero depth.  That means the kids can wade in themselves, as fast or as slow as they want, without you having to worry about them jumping in too deep.  There are some fun fountains in the shallow end, too, including some itty bitty ones that were just ankle high — exactly the right height for a 15 month old to explore.  The water was warm and clean, and the lifeguards on duty seemed vigilant.

There are amenities beyond just the pool.  The concession area looked like it had some good offerings — I got myself a cherry slushie, as I pretty much always do if the opportunity presents itself.  There were also other snacks, including Oscar Meyer hot dogs, and cold treats like ice cream and popsicles.  There was a sandbox and playground that I didn’t have a chance to inspect too closely but looked nice from a distance.  The women’s locker room was nothing to look at but seemed clean and was relatively uncrowded.  There are lockers for a quarter apiece, but people seemed comfortable leaving their belongings next to them as they lounged in surprisingly comfortable deck chairs.

All in all, our trip to the city pool was a huge success.  I wish I had more pictures, as Dahlia and her friends were having such a cute and delightful time!  We will definitely be going back, though.  It’s definitely a great resource for moms looking to introduce their little ones to the water, as well as a total wonderland for older kids.

Goodman Pool is located at 325 Olin Avenue in Madison.  The pool is open for recreation swim on Monday through Thursday 12:30-4:30 p.m. and 6:15-8 p.m., Fridays 12:30-8 p.m., and Saturday & Sunday 12-7 p.m.
The cost for Madison residents is $4.50 adult, $3 youth (defined as age 1-18, under 1 is free), and $3.25 senior (62 and over).  Check out their website for more information and prices for non-residents and season passes.


2 thoughts on “Goodman Pool

  1. I’ve worked at a summer camp for the past 3 years and each year have enjoyed going to Goodman Pool. I absolutely agree with everything posted. It is a great pool! The staff are always very attentive to everything that’s going on. I’ve never had any cleanliness issues. With a camp full of kids, we would all put our stuff in the grassy area and never had any issues with stuff being taken. The sand area is quite large and lots of fun when you don’t want to be in the water. It’s got many areas for kids to dig and build and water features to use with the sand. The water features in the shallow area are lots of fun and interactive if the kids wants. It is just a great place to go on a hot day!

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