Thrifty Kiddos – Next Generation

This is the third in the series of Resale posts as we attempt to find the best local children’s resale.

Tiffany here – adding my favorite for kids resale.

Next Generation is part of cute downtown Stoughton and is a combination of retail and resale. The store is clean and organized (though packed full!) and the staff is always really friendly and helpful. Upstairs they have a great selection of retail toys and accessories as well as a large room of adult resale, but downstairs–that’s where I always spend most of my shopping time!

The lower level of Next Generation is packed full of kids resale, and everytime I’ve visited I have found several pieces for each of my kids that are in great condition, usually nice name brands, always cute and really, really cheap!  They also generally have quite a few toys, shoes, and other baby care accessories (I even found some nice cloth diapers there a few times). I’ve always found about equal amounts of things for my baby and my preschooler, but I like that they seem to have quite a lot of nice things even going up to school age sizes.

Liliana, modeling a Gap dress purchased at Next Generation, and Charlie, modeling a Zutano romper purchased at Next Generation.

Next Generation is located at 161 E Main St, Stoughton, WI 53589 and hours can be checked by calling 608-873-8423

Next week we’ll talk to the ladies from Half-Pint Resale.


3 thoughts on “Thrifty Kiddos – Next Generation

  1. Great info! Do they have maternity resale? My sister in law is looking for a few summer maternity pieces to get her through until her October baby comes!

  2. They did have a small rack of nice maternity items last time I visited. Made me wish I had thought to look while I was still pregnant!

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