Thrifty Kiddos – Goodwill & Savers

This is the first in the series of Resale posts as Milena and I (Kat) attempt to find the best local children’s resale.

A few weeks ago I took Milena to Goodwill on the East Side to find some summer clothing for the two of us. It was the first time I had shopped there for children’s clothing, and I was terribly disappointed! Their selection of baby clothes was minimal, and their toddler section was barely any bigger. (And can I just say that I don’t understand the intention behind sorting all the adult clothes by color rather than by type? Do that many people really go into a store thinking, “I need a yellow top of some kind!” Sorting through the shirts, color-by-color, with a 16-month-old on my hip just to find a few tanks tops was a chore!) So we came home with a few board books and a mission to find better resale!

A lot of you suggested Savers by the mall, so that’s where we headed today. I had never been in a Savers before, and I was surprised at how similar it was to Goodwill (considering they were only a few blocks from each other). But Savers wins, because their adult clothes are sorted by type and then by color. And, they have a huge selection of children’s clothes (and toys – Milena found lots and lots of toys that she was ready to take home).

However, Savers loses a lot of points because I don’t understand their sizing for children’s clothes! Milena wears 18-24 month clothes, so I looked on the rack labeled “24 months,” but only found clothes tagged 2T. But then I happened to look at the actual clothing tag on one of the shirts and saw that it was actually size 24 months, and many other clothes in that section were also actually 24 months. When I attempted to find a size lower, I couldn’t find a section between 9 months and 24 months. But then I looked at the clothing tag of something in the 9 month section and saw that it was a 9-12 months (and to me 9-12 months = 12 months. Right?). Ugh! So confusing! Maybe I would have been able to sort it all out if I hadn’t had a toddler running around collecting toy cars, but shouldn’t shopping be easier than that? I think so! We left with one adorable top (a 2T!) and a toy van for Milena’s dollhouse family.

Next week: Silly Monkeys Funky Resale

Have any resale secrets you want to share? We’re all ears!


2 thoughts on “Thrifty Kiddos – Goodwill & Savers

  1. These two places definitely require persistence. One day I found my 5T sized son SIX pairs of pants/jeans. And then the next time I didn’t find a single thing.

    Same with Savers. A friend of mine has good Savers Karma because she finds Plan City toys, PJs, Shoes for the boys… I’ve found some stuff for the kids, but mostly mismatched pjs (which is perfect, because pj sizing isn’t uniform top to bottom anyway, AND then he can wear whatever cartoon character he can find ;)).

    Worth heading to when you feel the urge to take a look, but definitely not someplace to go if you have an immediate need. 🙂

  2. As a die hard thrifter, one of my favorite places to get childrens clothes is Next Generation in Stoughton. Wonderfully organized, decent prices and lots to choose from . . . . it’s right by the Cinema!!

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