Parks – Kids Crossing Playground

Lily’s favorite park is, as she’s dubbed it, Castle Park. The large wooden play structures look like Castle towers and it is a super fantastic fun park. It has swings. It has slides. It has bridges, climbing walls, musical instruments built right in, mysterious tire lined holes you climb down into and scare your parents with. It’s any kid’s dream park.

As parents, we love that there is plenty of parking and the kids run free and play happily mostly on their own. There is lots of space and benches for picnics. We love that there are restrooms near enough when we need them. We love the separate Tot Lot area, which is designed for littles (if i recall correctly its intended for kids under 5) with its own set of swings, slides, a big wooden racecar, a little barn, and a small maze (that parents can see into, thankfully) where our little ones wont get trampled.

Things to watch out for: We’ve found it to be busiest around 5-6pm on weekdays so steer clear around then if you are looking for a quieter time.
When your kids are exploring the first few times, you may want to explore with them, especially on the “back” (away from the parking lot) there are two large gaps in the otherwise enclosed upper level where there is a fireman pole activity and a rope for climbing down that seem a bit hazardous to me, but with a little assistance Lily loved trying them from about 18 months old.

Kids Crossing Playground is located at 2930 Chapel Valley Road in Fitchburg. Check out the Mckee Farms Park website for more information.


One thought on “Parks – Kids Crossing Playground

  1. I love hearing that you love that park. I was one of the volunteers that helped to build it, back in 2001. It’s also almost 100% handicapped accessible, which is a rarity for playgrounds! 🙂

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