Stoughton Cinema Cafe

Hi, my name is Tiffany, and I take my little kids to the movies. Yes. I admit it, I know some people have issues with this, but my husband is a huge fan of movies and because of his schedule we have really limited time to do anything together, so sometimes we combine family time with things that aren’t entirely custom tailored for kids.

Lucky for us, we found Stoughton Cinema Cafe years ago!

Stoughton Cinema Cafe is a small theatre in downtown Stoughton. It runs new movies and has a little cafe offering pizzas, sodas, salads, sandwiches and chocolate shoppe ice cream, you can view their full menu here . The theaters are set up in many circular tables with individual chairs to better accommodate eating supper while watching your movie but all of it makes it MUCH easier for a parent with littles to enjoy their movie! We have gone too many times to count and we love so many things. We love that even on busy nights it’s not packed full, we love how easy it is to get in and out to care for baby without bothering other movie go-ers, we love that there are way more bathroom stalls than necessary so we never have to wait when our three year old HAS TO GO RIGHT NOW, we love that everyone is more relaxed about a little bit of baby noise because there are whispers of “I need a napkin!” and “more pizza, please!” at each table and I love how the big curved chairs are comfy to nurse in and I dont feel as exposed as I do in regular theater seats. And, miracle of miracles, their pizza is also amazing!

Stoughton Cinema Cafe is located at 124 West Main Street in Stoughton (873-7484).


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