Area Swimming Lessons

If your child has taken swimming lessons from a local business, we’d love to hear from you! Send your review to: raisingmadison @ hotmail . com (no spaces) and we may include it in our upcoming Swimming Lessons post.

Please include how old your child was when s/he took the lessons!


2 thoughts on “Area Swimming Lessons

  1. Both Lisa and I have brought our kids to Swim West/East. Writing the check the first time was hard, but ever since then, I’ve enthusiastically found ways to afford the lessons. They classes are super small (my son has never been more than one of three) and in just a few short months changed my child from a “scared to be in the water” to a Real Swimmer, who can do the front crawl. Worth every cent.

  2. We’re going starting 6/21 to MSCR. So far, the location, time, price, and online registration are all plusses. I’ll keep you posted on the rest!

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