Madison Parks

The weather has been beautiful lately, and I have a toddler that LOVES to swing and slide, so we’ve been going to the park at least once every other day. Madison is definitely not lacking in its number of parks, but there are bound to be some parks that are better than others. So over the next week or so, we’re going to share our favorite parks with you, and we’d love to hear about your favorite park(s) as well!

I (Kat) will start! We live on the Near East side of Madison, and I’m always on the look-out for a new park to try out (I just discovered Hawthorne Park on the way home from Maggie’s, and I’m excited to check it out once the heat breaks).

With a 16 month old in tow, my favorite parks are ones with newer equipment that include things Milena can do on her own. Luckily, we have quite a few parks like that within walking distance of our house. Our two favorite play areas are basically next door neighbors.

The park we go to most often is on St. Paul Ave. I actually can’t seem to find it on a map, which may be why we rarely see other people there. I enjoy it because it’s quiet and small – but still has a lot of equipment on which Milena can play. A big plus is the slide – I’m able to stand at the bottom of the stairs while Milena climbs up and can immediately move and reach her as she sits to slide down (she’s very distractible, so there’s always a chance she’ll want to try to walk back down the stairs or off one of the open sides!).

Just across the railroad tracks is our other favorite play area (which isn’t actually a park): the playground at the Goodman Community Center. The equipment is new, the area is fenced in, and the Center is right there if we need to use the bathroom or get a drink or buy some food!

We’re also happy to tell you that the City of Middleton Public Lands Splash Pad (6300 Mendota Ave) will open Memorial Day! It’s open 10am – 7pm every day (as long as it’s not raining) until Labor Day.

It’s just too bad it wasn’t open this week!

What’s your favorite park in Madison? Tell us in the comments or e-mail us and we may post it up on the blog!


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