Free Lead Testing

Many of you may have received a letter earlier this year from Public Health Madison and Dane County regarding a free lead test for those with young children living in homes built before 1950. The inspection “is designed to support a healthy home environment for children by identifying and helping to remove lead hazards from the home.”

Our home was built in the 1920s, so we definitely qualified. We weren’t too worried – our home was renovated about 10 years ago by Operation Fresh Start, and we also knew that the previous owners had the house tested for lead before they put it up for sale – but we were curious to see if there was any need for concern.

We had our inspection today, and it went pretty well! Thanks to the renovation, there was no need to worry about the windows or siding of the house. However, there were a few spots on our door frames and window sills where paint had chipped away, and these tested positive for lead – so we’ll be painting over those spots very soon! It was definitely nice to have someone come in and let us know what to do to keep Milena safe!

If you’re interested in getting a free lead inspection done at your house (and why wouldn’t you be!) call Brian Odegaard R.N. at 242-6332


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