Hello! Welcome to Raising Madison!

Raising Madison was created because there are so many different opportunities for parents and children in and around the Madison area that it’s nearly impossible to be aware of them all! Every time we and our friends come across another gem, we want to share it with everyone we see, and we figured this blog was a great way to get that info out there. We want to tell you about the great local businesses, classes, products, events, groups et al that you may be missing out on!

But first, some quick introductions:

Hi there! I’m Kat. Wife to Jess. Mama to 16-month-old Milena. I’ve lived in Madison for nearly 10 years now, but didn’t realize just how family-friendly the city was until I got pregnant. Now we are constantly discovering new places and activities! That’s why I’m so excited about Raising Madison – I can’t wait to share these things with all of you and hear what you all have to share as well!

Hello Madison!
I’m Tiffany, my husband Dave lured me here from San Diego with the promise of affordable housing, better schools and a “small town” feel. Luckily Madison has delivered! We originally lived on the east side but recently moved to Fitchburg to be closer to the restaurant that we own. I am mama to Liliana, now 3.5 years old and Charlie Marshall, who is almost 7 months old. Being a “transplant” we’ve had to discover much of what the city has to offer by trial and error, and I’m happy to help share some of our favorite people and places and things to do here on Raising Madison.

Are you curious if the Madison area has something specific or are you interested in contributing something to the blog? Send us an e-mail at raisingmadison@hotmail.com.


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